How I lose weight

How to lose weight, this is not easy to lose weight, I have tried to lose weight all my life and to be honest it is not a simple thing to do. I’ve been very sporty very athletic and I’ve been to the gym a lot but in a Lull period I put on three stone in weight. And that was easy to do, if you have a metabolism but isn’t that active but doesn’t burn calories quickly and you taking more calories than you expend then you put on weight, it’s quite a simple fact.

Unfortunately for me I had an injury in my leg and my back on separate occasions so I could not do any exercise for over a year, but I still at a lot as well so the two factors together no exercise eating a lot is not good especially when you put on weight very easily.

Now my leg is okay and my back is much better so I can now exercise and also be more conscious of what I meeting. When I have lost weight before it was really quite simple, I controlled the size of the portion I ate and I did more exercise and I lost weight, with me is very psychological. Once I decided to lose weight the weight comes off I can be very focused and I find losing weight quite easy to do. It really is all about the number of portions and the size of the portions I eat. And also if I’m having a drink, I mean a glass of wine or a beer then I become week and any strength of control of focus I had before goes right out of the window.

So if you are also trying to lose weight, good luck stay focused do whatever you need to do to lose weight, everybody is different and everybody loses weight at different speeds and by doing different things. So I really do wish you good luck because I know it is not easy once I am focused I’m good if I’m not focused I put on lots of weight and become very fat.