Glazing issues are all around us, either our own or some one else’s. And what do you do, if you have one?

Glass is such a dangerous substance, beautiful nut dangerous when broken, as it can cause so many wounds, cuts, slices and often life threatening. Therefore be careful with glass and breaks or cracks as they can be very dangerous.

I have had lots of issues through the years with windows, double glazed and single glazed, this maybe me being unlucky. But  have had some good relationships with local glaziers throughout the years and they have always sorted me out. I have found it is always a good idea to have a relationship with local traders and I recommend you do too. The local traders are always there for you, not always the most economical but great to have them close by.

So pop out and talk to local people and get contacts, you never know when you may need them. Just my suggestion to help you. A glazier I have used is Sevenoaks Glass, great team and nice people. But without a relationship, it isn’t as simple to get help.

Thanks for reading this, give me your views?

Bye for now…




Glass breaking

Hi there everyone, Linda here. We went out for a drink this weekend the pub was very hard to find. We had wanted to go there for a long time. The only way you can approach this pub was down a narrow windy lane, and then an unadopted road. It was very bumpy and we were concerned that we might bottom out the car. Anyway I wasn’t driving, my partner was, men are so much better at negotiating narrow country lane is than women. Or shouldn’t I say that, as a woman! Anyway we reach the pub and it was well worth the journey and nice pub a mixture of all ages and children out for Sunday lunch. My partner ordered a pint of beer and I had a half of shandy, which I have with bitter beer, and enjoy very much. We also had some fabulous crisps I can’t remember the name but they were not a brand that we had had before.

We shared the crisps and drank a beer and then my partner went to the bar to order another drink. He came back with a pint of Peroni, in a Peroni glass and I had a half of bitter shandy, exactly the same order as we had before.

We sat chatting and drinking a beer and I hardly noticed my partner pick up his beer when the glass shattered into 100 pieces and the beer spread all over the table. We were taken completely by surprise. My partner went to the bar and asked for some drying cloths. Somebody soon came to help us clear up the mess, a little bit of beer goes a long way. My partner’s trousers were soaked with beer, needless to say when the beer dried, he smelt like an old brewery. I looked online to see if anyone else had experienced an exploding glass. The articles we found more or less confirmed what we thought. At the Peroni glass is very tapered and narrow in the middle, it is possible that a weakness could have caused the glass to break. What ever the cause of the glass shattering it made us laugh. Though we didn’t laugh at the wet trousers at the time.  

One of the blogs said that the cause of the glass shattering was a ghost that inhabited the pub. The went into great detail to tell the story of a pub that had a resident ghost. The ghost was thought to make the glasses shutter. I do not think there was any ghost involved with our grass that shattered. What a pity!

Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening pic 2

Why would you want to get your teeth whitened?

That is a great question and one I feel it is easy to answer, in my honest opinion, teeth whitening makes you look great and  makes you feel amazing. It gives you confidence and makes you feel self assured. Nobody likes ugly, dis-coloured teeth, nobody.

If you look at all the beautiful people and the not so beautiful people and the A and B and even C list stars on tv and films and they all have nice teeth in the main. So we want and need to be the same, not everyone but a definite majority of us want to look good, it is quite a natural thing. Looking good for your partner or potential partner, is key and takes us back to our roots and why we are here.

So, in my very humble opinion, go get your teeth whitened if you haven’t already, it will make you feel fantastic inside and look great outside.

Personally, I cannot think of a reason not to fell great and not to get your teeth whitened. It is easy to do and their are lots of dental clinics or mobile teeth whitening services around, just google “teeth whitening” and there you have it.



teeth-whitening pic 1


I do love a nice mirror and have lots of them in my house, in various guises of frames, some nice, some not so nice but mirrors can be just functional and not necessarily beautiful. But in my mind some mirrors should be beautiful. I even have 2 mirrors in my garage, so I can park my car straight as it is a bit tight and I have a nice car I do not want to scratch. So installing mirrors was a great idea, I can now see how close I am to each side of the car as I drive in. I actually think it is very clever 😉

OK, back to mirrors inside, I had an old gilt mirror over my fireplace, that looked old fashioned, although it was a nice mirror, nice size and design of the surround was cool. So I painted it white with emulsion and bingo, it looks gorgeous on a white wall.

Next I am working with a friend who is also a glazier, to have custom mirrors put into my bathroom, to fill the gaps on a wall, it will look great .. Thank you Dagenham Glass 247. Thank you Steve actually.

So, go on have a look around, change up your existing mirrors or add some!!

Interior design

Interior design is a lot of fun, I focus on my own house and get into various projects around the house. I like buying old, good looking furniture and turning it into a thing of useful beauty I can use in the house. I recently bought a cupboard with lovely barley twist legs and it was oak and old and grubby. But it turned out great, we applied a varnish remover to the top and it looks beautiful now. We waxed the wooden top and also painted the cabinet itself.

But, forgot that drawers need to close and doors need to close and the amount of paint we applied was too much abd the drawers and doors were not even close to closing!!! So sanded the paint off and voila!!! It now looks a bit shabby chic, but beautiful all the same.

I do like to watch Interior Design programs as well and they give me a lot of inspiration to try new things. Even though, some of them are a bit off the wall.. 🙂 I don’t think I am brave enough for some of the things I see done.